Yin Yoga Instructor

Best Yin Yoga Instructor in My Area

Yin yoga is designed to strengthen the connective tissues around joints. If you have meditated for any length of time, you know how stiff your joints can become. Yin yoga is a way to prepare your body for long periods of sitting, so you don't experience those stiff joints or aching muscles. Using sitting and supine postures, Yin yoga classes in my area focus on parts of the body that are stressed during sitting meditation.

As an experienced Yin yoga instructor, my classes begin with passive postures. This approach considers the functional alignment of your connective tissue and joints. Together we will work to find the optimum movement to stress the right areas.

All movement should begin at the joints closest to the body's core. That means starting at the hip when moving your legs. If you don't move from the hip, it places stress on the next joint or knee, which attempts to compensate for the lack of motion.

As a trained Yin yoga instructor, I work with you to find modifications to the poses if needed to achieve the maximum benefit of Yin yoga. Yoga classes in my area begin slowly by holding a position for 30 or 40 seconds, working towards a goal of holding a posture for three to five minutes.

Yin yoga is a relaxing way to strengthen muscles and release stress. Focusing on functional alignment takes concentration, forcing your mind to live in the moment. Practicing yin yoga makes you more aware of your body, and how it works so, you can maintain a healthy lifestyle. Use yin yoga as a way to leave the stress of daily life behind. When finished, you will be renewed and refreshed. Why not join a yoga class in my area, today?